My boyfriend dumped me and I think he may go back to his ex of 7 yrs?

my boyfriend dumped me and I think he may go back to his ex of 7yrs how do I get him back quick


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  • Sad to say but I think you may have lost this one.

    Depends how the break up, was it slow, painful, basically a long time coming? - in this case he may have made his mind up.

    On the other hand if it was a quick breakup, maybe an overreaction - you may be able to get him back, good sex could play a key part. Remind him what he liked about you in the first place, did you used to make him laugh, were you romantic. Bekind rewind!

    The question is do you want him back, someone you think will dump you and go back to their ex? Surely you won't feel very secure in this relationship...

    • I do want him we have so much chemistry..

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  • why would you want someone that doesn't want you?

    • He said he has strong feelings for me something about him en

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  • How long were you two together? Did him and his ex break up on good terms? Was she still part of his life while you two were together?

    • 6 months we were together.. but I've know him for prob a little over a yr... His ex and him no not at all on good terms... She didn't start messing with him till she new I was in the picture,

    • Well hopefully it works out in your favor but if they had so many years together you might not be able to overcome that...if him and his ex weren't on good terms then how did they get to the point of possibly getting back together...were they broke up for a long time...were you the reason for their break up

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