Will he come back?

I know its a long shot but its that constant burning thought in my head!

Me and my ex broke up a little over a month ago. We dated for a year.There's a lot of little detail to this whole thing but I'm going to try to make it short and to the point. We had a big drunk fight. (we rarely fight) broke up the next day...didn't talk for 3 weeks. no contact. He contacted me...we had your so to say "closure" talk. He said everything he does is a front. That even if he acts like he doesn't care, isn't hurting and doesn't miss me he does, and thinks of me often. His explained reason for break up - He wants to do his own thing. I had to accept it.There's nothing I could do about it as much as it hurt I can't make someone want to be with me. Told him I can't do the friend thing because it was to painful for me. He said he understood that it would take time.

Don't talk for another week. He contacts me again. Wants to bring me lunch to work/ late bday present. (we were suppose to go on a trip) I said no because it hurt to much. He insisted. I still said no. He said he thought he was pushing it to fast but that it was hard and that distance would probably be the best.

about 5 or 6 days later my best friend died. I contacted him. I needed his comfort. I cried to him. he held me. wiped my tears away. kissed my cheeks and forehead. We fell asleep in each others arms. He held me close all night. never let me go. (closer than normal...we usually turn over at some point) cuddled all night/morning. (no we didn't have sex...I don't think he would even try that move in my emotional state)

He hasn't contacted me since. I've seen him twice since then when he came to shop at my work. "hey girl what's up" ... second time I didn't even look at him and we both ignored each other. Part of me was angry that he hasn't contacted me since sleeping at his place...not even to ask how I'm doing with the death of my friend. The other part was just too sad to even look at him.

I'm really upset about it all. I love him. I'm trying to move on. Going out with friends trying not to think/talk about it. But I still do. I've accepted the break up. But I'm not over it by any means. So far his "doing his own thing" is the exact same thing just without me. I really miss talking to him. he was my best friend. But I can't be his friend...if you know what I mean.

Will he ever come back to me? does it seem like he's sure of what he wants? I'm not trying to wait...but of course there's that little bit of hope in your heart that you can't help. Any thoughts on this matter would be great. I'm just at a total loss.
Will he come back?
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