How to tell if your ex still likes you?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago, due to him having commitment issues and he suddenly wanted to be on his own for a bit. I haven't contacted him since the breakup, but last night he texted me out of the blue saying "Im sorry for everything x" "Im sorry for how it ended x" "How are you?"
And he also texted me randomly last week "how did your job interview go? Xx" He had found out through his sister as im good friends with her.
I haven't replied to his texts as i dont know what he wants, and whats going through his head.


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  • Only way to find out is to... Talk to him. He may still like you. He may want to be friends or regrets breaking up, or if he hurt your feelings. Either way, you'll never know unless he keeps trying to contact you or you respond to him. For me though, if I do the breaking up, then go back to text or talk to my ex, I still like her. It's only happened with one girl. All other break ups I've been through, I've never had the urge to contact them.

    • Ok, do you think it would be better to ask him if he wants to talk face to face?

    • Try making conversation first over text or however you choose. Maybe even a phone call. But don't try to push things to fast, but not too slow either. What my ex would do after a break up is text me and invite me over. If he still likes you, you'll be able to tell.

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