Should I say anything to him? Or just not do anything and get over it?

We weren't dating yet but had this continued for another week we probably would've... So this guy and I started off as friends and then we both started to fall for eachother. I was the first to tell him I liked him he said it back. We had just come back from break and he told me he wanted to see me more and see what would develop. So we hung out everyday for a week. Then slowly it became every other day. ( just with school and stuff) then 3 days ago we hadn't seen Eachother for 2 days in a row cuz our times just didn't work out but it wasn't for lack of trying. Then out of the blue I get a text saying " by the way I'm done... like with this" I went on to ask what he ment to what he described his feelings like " you don't like me the way I like you, you only like my attention, and stuff I can offer you"... Then he texted later " I just haven't felt the same way and I've been trying really hard but I can't keep doing this"

I don't know what to do because I DiD really like him but I can't put myself with a guy who would think that about my personality. So I'm hurt and I'm pissed that he handled the whole situation as a text message. I'm gonna have to see him eventually cuz he is in our friend group and people are already picking sides. Had he handled it better none of us would be in this mess.

Anyway I have to see him and I don't know what to tell him or if I should say anything at all. Please help me !


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  • Basically as all guys do when they want out, they hide away and avoid contacting until they realise they need to tell you where u stand. Us girls know as soon as communication slowly goes it's done and he is no longer interested. Be polite when you see him, don't give him satisfaction of thinking he upset you even though he did move forward and smile.


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  • well, you can go ice queen and ignore him OR you tell him the truth,

    if you are into him because of his personality and not because of the stuff he told, I think you can keep it chill. ask him what makes him think that way. and as long as he isn't right and he is capable of taking the truth, probably nothing will change. tho, you both have to be ready to forget this misunderstanding, that's all on you 2.

    but yeah, saying this stuff trough a text, *cough*pussy*cough*


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