Is it all just a coincidence?

Okay so me and my ex split about 2 months ago, and we haven't spoke since. He got in a rebound relationship which seems to have cooled down since. Either way I'm pretty much over him. I'm happy with my life & no stress of a love life, I'm just focussing on me.

Either way I still have the habit of checking his social media every once in a while just to see how he is. First of all the first status that struck me was 'sometimes you have to say fuck it and let whatever will be, will be.' He used to say that a lot when we split, but I didn't put much thought into it as it could be to do with his new relationship.

Then the other one that struck me was 'in desperate need of finding my balls.' I didn't really think much of this one just as I thought it could be to do with his new relationship or anything until today.

He put a picture up of the festival we went together with our friends with the title saying 'take me back now.' At this point out relationship was at it's best and I have a lot of found memories off it, which include him. Surely if he was thinking of this time in his life his thoughts would include me. It stunned me to be honest as I tend to avoid thinking off it, because of the good memories I shared with him and it's sad to think that they are just memories now.


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  • Well...
    The Facebook statuses seem too vague, dont overanalyze those. The picture seems to indicate that he has fond memories of that day and would love to relive those. A lot of people have fond memories of past relationships. I got a bunch of those as wel. But the gfs i spent that time with are not the same people anymore.
    I wouldn't read too much into it. Just go on with your life you seem to be doing well.

    Sometimes a rebound relationship alows you to avoid dealing with some of the grief from the previous relationship. He might need to deal with some of that if they break up though but again dont read to much into that if that happens.


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