Just broke up and want him back?

About 6 days ago my bf broke up with me because he didn't feel good enough. He's the typical shy guy who isn't confident. He got back together with me that same night which was really sweet. He says he realized it was stupid of him to do and it's selfish to ask for me back. I said yes. A couple days later my mom coerced me into breaking up with him. I did, as soon as I told him he hung up the phone. He seemed really upset. I have told him how stupid I was ad apologized and he read my text but never answered. He also deleted me off snapchat. Right after he looked at my snapchat story. The next day I told him I might be moving states and that I figured he deserves to know he said "why would I, you broke up with me" and I went on another paragraph why it was stupid he read and never answered. So yesterday I sent him a text that I found a cheap bus that takes me to his town (he lives 2 hours away.)

Also keep in mind both of us have said that we feel a connection with each other that we have never felt with anyone. That being said i'm only his 2nd gf and his longest relationship (1 month) He constantly told me how much he loved me and made me feel loved. Near the end all I remember him saying is he was too nervous to come see me. He was always self conscious, shy, and had very low self esteem. Often telling me i'm out of his league.

To be honest I want him back. I hate it I feel like part of me is gone. I don't know if I can get him back or what he is thinking. I'm trying to give him space I hope that works. Maybe give me some suggestions on what he is thinking?

*WARNING* Please if you have anything negative to say don't comment. I want to keep this positive.


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  • Better you break up with him... becoz i will not suggest long distance relationship... it really never works... you will feel even more disgusted...


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  • You're both too young an clearly inexperienced to understand what consistency and committment is so it's better to leave it be, long distance wouldn't work anyway, and just learn from your mistakes for the future.


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