Am I over reacting or do I have a right to be angry and annoyed at my ex?

My ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago because he didn't want to commit to anything anymore. We have a 8 year old son together and we have attempted to stay friends not because of our son but because we are both best friends so I thought. My ex would contact me at least once a week to see how I am going etc with little to no mention of our son.
A couple of days ago my ex contacted me and asked if we could catch up in person at which I agreed and we did end out hugging and kissing and yes I did give him a BJ yes I know bad mistake but can't change what is done.
I didn't hear from my ex after we hooked up which I accepted then I messaged him on social media to let him know that his son and I were in a car accident involving a semi truck. My ex even thou he was on social media chose not to open the message. The next day I sent him another quick message to say that his Son and I are Ok in case he opens the other message and started to worry he opened that message straight away then said " glad you are ok " that's it nothing more and nothing less when I went to reply to him about the incident he again chose not to open the message.
I know he is my ex but he is also the father of our son and he wanted to be friends and I was good enough for him to hook up with only 3 days prior to this. Do I have a right to be annoyed that he is now seem uninterested and not caring?
Should I just walk away all together?
Why was it ok for him to contact me weekly for 3 weeks and then want to catch up and yes I did a mistake I know by giving into his advances but then when I was needing him and telling him what happened he appears uninterested.
What would be the best way to deal with this without coming across childish as we do have a child together which he truly shows no interest in except if it benefits him to look like the good guy


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  • Given that you have A SON together, yes, I would say that you most certainly have the right to be angry and annoyed, if he left you and your boy.


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  • If he was never a good guy from the get go... don't expect him to be now.
    I am glad you realize that you made a huge mistake.
    Not only is he pretty much out of his kids life...
    but he only contacted you to get what he wanted from you.
    Now that he has gotten that... he will continue to draw himself back until he wants more.
    Do yourself a favor, and do not allow yourself to be used.
    Be strictly about you and your son.
    Do not expect anything from him if he's never given you reason to believe he is the stand up type, or will provide.

    • To answer your question,
      You have every right to be annoyed.
      He disrespected you and your child.
      He should be putting the health of his kid first... but he didn't do that.
      Bring it up!
      It doesn't matter If you sound wrong or like the bad guy, he's being selfish and needs to know that.

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  • You need to cut him off completely don't deny him access to his kid though. at this rate it's not going to be healthy for you or your child because your ex will always have you at the end of his leash and he will still have all the freedom he wants. If he wants anything to do with you he needs to own up and act like an adult. If you need to go to court for child support. You and him are over move on if he wants time with his kid let him have it otherwise don't have anything to do with him and inform him of your decision. If a kid wasn't involved would you really have any contact with an ex who acts like that?

  • Men want all they can get. They are selfish. If he cares about your son he will be there And make an effort. As long as you dont deny him accsess as a father due to the past mistakes then he will end up looking like the bad guy if he does not see your son. you need to keep your mouth to yourself and take your pride and respect back. You deserve so so much better. If you care about your son and you do not want any more mistake then you will no longer see your ex in a sexual way. Your son is the priority, he needs a dad and a mum. Good luck :)


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