What do do when you just dont like a guy?

This guy at work likes me he's a great guy but I just dont like him in that way. I tried but its not working for me. Everyone at work is hoping we get together and it seem like the smart choice because he nice and respectful, treats me well but I just dont like him. Im trying we went on dates but its just not there for me. he's a great guy and I dont want anyone like my last relationship but my hearts not in it... I dont know why

Stupidly I still have feelings for my ex (broken up for 3 months) and its just not the right choice. I still love him but he does not deserve me.
He not an ugly guy Im just not attracted to him. I keep hoping it will happen but it dont.


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  • Tell him the truth, don't keep dating him if you don't love him. Tell him what you're feeling, say that you really appreciate he loves you but it's not right to go on with this if you don't have feelings.

  • So just tell him the truth´╝îthen just be friend with him. If you no feelings for him. you need times to forget your ex then accept new guys.


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