Is this normal? And should I try contacting her?

So my ex broke up with me nearly two months ago after a 6 month relationship & I've try'ed thinking of how bad she was for me & she was, in the end one of the reasons she broke up with me because of my confidence, yet she was the one always talking when she was stressed or having bad day about how we either wouldn't last or say stuff that would break us up. She was also very selfish when I would take care of her it was all good but when I would ask her to rub my shoulders or something small like that I was needy. She was also always listening to her mom & just because her mom said I was going to stay unconfident & couldn't ever change she should "evaluate" our relationship. I have posted on here before about it & there's more about the break up in other posts. Anyway since the break up I have try'ed getting over her but she's still all I can think about especially when somthing happens good or bad she's still the first person I think of telling. I've even met two girls & have gotten there numbers but can't bring my self to talk to them because it's like I don't even care anymore & I still think about her. Is that normal? Should it be that hard for me to move on? I have blocked her from fb & deleted her number we haven't talked or even try'ed to since the night we broke up. I still have her on my email because I don't know how to block her email address, & I've been thinking about emailing her & trying to get her because I miss her so much! Should I try contacting her or bad idea? I can't help but to feel I've lost the one.


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  • Time heals all wounds eventually, Funny7, however, with all the Raw Real deal scenarios you have listed from A to Z here, dear, That will never change, I can promise you... and with a Mommy Dearest in the picture to throw a Mommy wrench even More in Store in the Middle, you would Constantly be going even More downhill with-------My confidence...
    Do some soul searching and don't go back into the roaring fires if you don't have to. You may be feeling some reeling and Sentiment with your heart and head right now, but once coming again from the fat Back into the frying pan, think of Both She-Devils on the other end... it may be your worse mistake ever and nitemare again, my friend.
    What you are experiencing is just a case of the baby blues and it is 'Normal.' But play it out, alone, and in time, you will be glad you Didn't-----Play.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you very much. I got this girls number last night but I can't get my ex out of my head & I've been texting her but I have to force myself to do it. Should I tell her I'm still not over my ex & mows not a good time for me to date again? Or just keep forcing myself? I don't want to be the guy that uses women to get back at his ex which I feel I might happen which isn't right.

    • You are so welcome... it's Obvious you are not ready nor raring to even "Date" or have a Mate at this time and anyone you would be 'Forcing myself' with or even feeling that 'Uses women to get back at his ex,' is just a Rebound and... a retaliation... Be fair to the Other on the other end. Tell her at this time right now you are not really into dating anyone, you have some issues tha tare personal and you don't want to be unfair to Her... xxoo

    • Thank you for allowing me to shed some light for you here, dear.:)) xxoo

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  • You said yourself she was bad for you, i hightly recommend you DON'T contact her again, don't really know about the rest but it's normal to miss someone you loved for a while


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