Gift for ex on vday?

Should I get her something for Valentine's day. just to show I love her. I will also get something for her daughter as well. I love them so much. Also don't want to complicate things.


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  • I mean I guess if you still love her its okay, but I personally wouldn't get an ex a gift. However, my ex gave me a stuffed teddy within this big wrapped basket of all my favorite snacks/items... Unfortunately for him, he didn't receive anything from me in return as I am over him... But the thought was sweet... So i guess make her a gift basket of her fave things.

    • Yea I understand... I was going to leave a gift for her mom and my ex and her daughter. I don't expect anything in return. But I think if I'm trying to prove myself then this would be the things to do.

    • It just really depends how she feels about you. When my ex sent me that gift basket, it was sweet. But I knew he still didn't really love me. For all i know, he probably sent that same basket to all the girls he's cheated on me with.

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  • Why are you going to give a present to a single mother, let alone your ex. Move on and find another girl who can be your valentine

    • Why wouldn't I? This was my girl for 3 years and I just can't not do that bro. The break up hasn't been that long. and I love her daughter like she mines bro. Her dad won't get her shit. So I want to be that guy. I don't expect this to make her want me that day. I just think it's what a real man who accepted his mistakes would do

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    • Thanks bro really appreciate it. And tell pops happy birthday. Lol

    • thanks bro

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  • Noooo
    It's over.

    • But it's not though. she is my ex.. not for that long

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