Girls: When you cheat, how often is the new guy serious?

There's been a number of questions about girls cheating on here. Some responses have been that the guy cheated on didn't deserve it, but that didn't stop it from happening. Many comments I've read is that the new guy offers something else.

If you've cheated, how often have you stayed with the new guy you used to cheat on your SO?
  • I've cheated and stayed with the new parnter
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  • I've cheated and did not stay with the new partner
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  • I've not cheated and would not stay with a new partner
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  • I've not cheated and would stay with the new partner
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If you can also provide an explanation for your answers, that would be great.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The one time I cheated it was out of anger and frustration (not trying to justify my actions here). For years my husband had refused to have sex with me or even touch me. Told me the whole time that it was issues he was having, and it had nothing to do with me. Turns out he was cheating on me with multiple women the whole time--to include sleeping with his bosses teenage daughter and the babysitter. His boss caught them, he got fired, we ended up losing our house. I found out about from a mutual friend. I was hurt and frustrated and ended up turning to a guy friend. It was wrong, but honestly at the time it was what I needed. I never left my husband for him, or wanted to, it was just about relieving my sexual frustrations. Husband I went to two years of marriage counseling and started over with a clean slate. We are happy now, and hopefully neither one of us will make that mistake again.

    • Even with the infadelity you can look past it?

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    • I think she felt she put all the effort in the relationship for some time and I wasn't... she just gave up.

    • I am just trying to understand where she is coming from... and what will happen with her and this new guy.

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  • I've never cheated.
    If I was to cheat I think I'd cheat and not stay with the new guy cause if I was cheating then I probably never wanted anything serious in the first place and use him as just an escape.

  • Have not cheated. Would leave a relationship before I would cheat.

    • I see, why do you think some women don't

    • Maybe their situation is more complicated. If kids are involved or maybe their boyfriend or husband supports them financially and this guy they are cheating with cannot do the same.

  • I have never cheated.

    • Can you understand why other women do? The common theme by is that they're unhappy in the relationship

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    • Some do some don't

    • Why not work on the relationship?

  • When I was 13 I had 5 bfs for fun and they all had 10 gfs each too. So it's okay.

    But I was so young and so stupid and I'll never ever cheat again. I don't wanna be labelled as a cheater for like for something I did when I was thinking like a baby. I voted A...

    But I don't have a bf anymore and I never will because guys my age are stupid.

    • Can you understand why some girls do?

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    • Is it fun or they're not happy with the relationship

    • I don't know.. Cause my relationships only lasted for a week

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