Can I reach a compromise with my ex bf to go for a month without contacting?

I had been in a LDR for a year and 4 months but my bf broke up with me 3 days ago because of the distance that he couldn't tolerate. However , I tried to be mature enough and acted wisely & respected his decision , so we reached a compromise to stay friends because none of us wanted to get out of the other's life. But the truth is , I really want him back. I've searched a lot about how to do this and had been finding results about the ( No contact rule ) I don't know if I can apply it or no but If I am to do so , I got some questions that I wanna ask. Since we both agreed to stay friends , If I ever cut off all my contact with him out of sudden , wouldn't that sound immature or childish of me? and when I try to contact him again after this period of no contacting , what should I tell him? Should I be explaining for him why I was away all that time , like making up an excuse or something?
( That was what I found when I surfed the internet which made me inquire about many things )

But that's what I thought about , can't I just talk to him about it? and also reach a compromise with him to go through this period of time without contacting to make things sound less awkward between us as our conversations became really awkward after the breakup? Will I be submitting to his will of being friends and get stuck in the friend-zone forever in this way?

Which is better to follow? I don't really know what to do , I just want him back but I am very confused about how I'll be able to do that ! Please , I need serious suggestions

Thanks in Advance !! :)


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  • He doesn't want to be in a long distance relationship, it obviously isn't given him what he wants or needs so unless the distance changes between you too then the same thing will happen. You have to respect his decision and accept it. Don't talk to him with just the intention of trying to get him to change his mind. Not contacting him for a month will make no difference. He doesn't need you pressuring him about trying to make a relationship work because he had every right to end it when he wasn't happy with it and that's his call to make, not yours. If you keep bringing up the relationship he will most likely stop talking to you all together.


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