"Not any time soon, have a lot of pain to get past" in your opinion Whay does this mean?

I'm trying to help my friend and his girl said this to him. He really loves her and she loves him to. I don't think if two love each other and he think she's the one that should give up. I mean space and time apart yes. What are your thoughts.

If she wanted to leave she would say so. Please. I just wanted to know life could she mean next Month or year. How to deal with pain? Is helping her through the pain possible?


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  • Well they need time, time heals open wounds. She's confused and still scared. But she knows like u do that she's in love with him.. When u r in love the last thing u wanna do is let go, but if it's best and necessary then it has to be dine. Maybe time will make the relationship mature and they both realize what they found each other. If they are meant to be the universe has ways of bringing what's meant to be to be. She should take this time and work on herself.

    • Yea he has been no contact for 4 days and is going to remain that way until February 28th but she wants to chill on his birthday which is the 29th of this Month. Also wants to get her something for vday

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  • Depends on what she's going through. I sense buying time.

    • He cheated and lied but was because he was scared of commitment. We have worked on that and he really love her. Can tell she wants to be with him she just confused. Buying time?

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    • I feels he caused it so he wants to make it right. I told him time away will help. Has to be gentle and very patient

    • Well, good luck to the kid.

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  • Okay look, its not so much that girls like it. For me its a way of flirting with hand contact and then the teasing that i won't take it off. I pick my battles because it only works on some guys, others get annoyed haha... Oops ;)


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