What does it mean when your boyfriend asks for a break?

We've been dating for almost 2 years. I though everything was going really good but i guess i was wrong.


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  • You both have been together for 'Almost 2 years' and Hopefully still Counting here, dear, and with him being still wet behind the ears in years here, dear, he may be feeling a bit suffocated and need his space a this time. So this is his reason of this season for asking For-----A break. It will give him some time to do the things he feels he hasn't been able to do when you both May have been Possibly always hooked at the hip. He may also be Missing going out with his buds at times because he probably was spending a good deal of whatever time with you.
    This will also give you a chance to do the things you you haven't been able to do neither. Take this time to be with your friends, spend some alone time in doing the things you may have been "Missing" yourself... it's healthy to take a "Break" once in awhile so each one can find out how the other one really feels... many times one feels trapped, can't breathe and just need a "Break" to sort everything out for awhile.
    However, if something happens that he doesn't want to go back to being two birds of a feather, but friends instead, then it's your call, your choice as to where you both stand as staying friends from then on or moving on to start dating someone else who may be into what you May still want in a relationship.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for a chance at this romance... you both have been together for a long time and with This Is History... many times over, Missing the Kissing on even his part goes hand in hand with History, where memories in his own mind are repeating themselves and this is also what I call: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."xxoo

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  • Tell him to go fuck himself.

  • This means he doesn't want to be with you anymore.

  • It means he's tired of you in his life...


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  • It means he wants some space, some time off from the relationship. Doesn't necessarily mean that he is breaking up with you or hooking up with other girls. Make sure to tell him that during his break, hooking up with other girls is not okay.


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