My boyfriend of 11 years is telling me he doesn't want to be with me anymore because I nag him too much. We have 2 kids. What do I do?

We have been together since 12th grade. We are each others first everything. I feel he gets mad when he wants to hang out with his friends and I complain about it, because he has left me home "stuck" with the kids. I am very accommodating and feel if he would have expressed his feelings before they got to this point I could have done something to change. I'm worried it might be too late. HELP!!
I am very open with him, I try to communicate my feelings in a way where he can understand what his actions are doing to me and the children. We only have 1 car which we share. He will leave and not come home for hours. I know where he is, so I'm not mad at that. I guess I feel torn because he tells me he wants me to continue doing the hobbies I had before the kids but then disappears and it makes it impossible for me I'm confused. He is still here but I feel I really have lost him with complain


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  • I'm in the same boat with my s. o and I want to break up with her to. It's just two things1) I'm a different person to who I was when I first met her so now in starting to get attracted by other women more my type now. My s. o. Doesn't do it for me anymore and she is beautiful and treats me well, but it's not there. 2) I want to feel what it's like with a different women and explore more. So that's my honest reasons.


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  • You and your soul mate have been together 'Forever' it seems, poketfuloposey, and it has gotten to the point in this relationship, baggage to boot, that he is Feeling like he is in this Relationship Rut with you, feels suffocated and needs his space perhaps just a bit too much, which is Why-----I complain about it. You have every right to be upset when he is always going to 'Hang out with his friends' and leaves you home alone with the His kids as well and for him to just go out the door, be gone for hours on end, in my Book of Etiquette it's inexcusable. I feel he is not there to lend a helping hand and with one car to share, he is Not 'Sharing' but burdening you with these house 'hobbies' that he expects you to stay at home with and that is Be chief cook and bottle washer while he is allowed to go out and paint the town red with all his Tom, Dick and Harry buds.
    I don't see where anything is ever going to change. He has heard you out, you have tried to have an honest open convo with him to work it out but he refuses to listen. He wants to make it look like that all your Piping up is his reason of the season for going out and leaving you alone with the kids. It's unfair and he is being bullheaded and with someone like this, I will bet my bottom buck before he is 30, he will end up cheating on you next.
    Something has to be done. It's not healthy for you, your relationship, nor is it a healthy environment for the kids neither. He either needs to work something out with you to be a father, be more of a partner or you need to take the kids and go stay with someone and let him be alone with what he may have in mind with his actions that are speaking louder than his words.
    Good luck, blessings for 2015. xx


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  • Ever consider getting a babysitter?

    Also, even if he does leave you, which he apparently he did... you could sue him for child support. Make him pay for your kids since their his, right? That's your legal right.

    He has a right to leave whenever he wants. That's his legal right as well

    Sounds like their was just a communication breakdown. That's the number one failure of relationships. Communication

    I can't feel sorry for you because, well, you two failed to communicate


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  • Quit bitching Christ if you didn't bitch in the first place you wouldn't have this problem he's gonna eventually leave he's probably tired of hearing you bitch constantly

    • How can you say something like this to her?

    • Well he's a grown ass man if he wants to hang with friends then he should be allowed without hearing her bitch I don't sugar coat shit I tell others how it is no matter who Likes it

  • ask him to go with therapy with you. Maybe you can figure it out that way.

  • You can't force him. He will eventually leave anyway.


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