Got dumped and friend zoned?

My ex broke up with me via SMS 3 weeks ago after a 2 year relationship, and i i got friendzoned by my best girl-friend, i went through her Facebook and read how she talked about me with her friends as if i were the most disgusting human being (we did had sex once though) she knows i have a crush on her but she doesn't care. oh and i got friendzoned again by another girl i met a week ago. I lost my best friend because i'm stupid as fuck, and all of his friends who were also my friends, and now im extremley alone, in 3 weeks i lost my social life, i have literally no one to talk to, my parents are mad at me because they found out i smoke pot, so they won't talk to me, i developed and insomnia so i only sleep 2 hours a day, im sitting all night on the internet doing nothing at all. i live alone, im going to highschool though. I feel like i got ran over by a train, i haven't cried since the brake up but i feel numb, my phone got stolen so i can't text anyone and i lost all my contacts, i can't even buy pot until school.


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  • Damnnnnnnnnnnnn you sound like a really messed up guy


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