I miss him! But we messed up! Help?

I had my boyfriend for 2 and a half months... and he ended up doing something stupid. He sent a picture... of me (not a full nude just my legs) that he told me he deleted to all his friends. I was so mad and broke up with him about a week ago. He was really broken up and so was i... Am i. But when i tried to get back together with him, he said he never wants to feel that again and it hurt. Like it didn't hurt me! i wouldn't have broken up with him if he hadn't sent that! But.. i put a picture up on one of my pofiles and it said "I hate when you can't stop thinking about someone, knowing they haven't thought about you once. It was about him. He saw it n asked if it was about him and i said not fully but yes (of course it was about him). He said he thinks about me a lot and misses me but said nothing about getting back together. Im so fucked what do i do?


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  • I don't want to sound insensitive, but why would want to go back to a guy who sent a picture of you to all his friends (something you wouldn't want him to do). He is obviously very immature, and maybe at your age that's normal, but if you want to be smart, forget about him. If you want to be happy with someone, please stick to people who you can actually trust. And believe me, there are many guys who are better for you than that kid. Good luck!

  • Ask him out? Just say will you go out with me?


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