Ex boyfriend problem. One more chance or nah?

So... I was in a relationship about 9 months ago and I really liked the guy. I already knew him for 3 years and we were neither friends neither partners. We were that "thing". Then I broke up with him after a month and two weeks together. This because he was really immature and couldn't handle a serious conversation. He was always laughing, everytime I wanted to talk he didn't let me. He just wanted to kiss and do other stuff... If you know what I mean. And he was always with his friends, it was me that called him out so he spend time with me, because we were just together on day a week and we live near each other. [see the irony]
He ignored me for one month and I did the same. It hurted me to end the relationship, I was not ok with it. But he was acting like all fresh and happy. I went to a party with friends and I saw him hooking up with a random girl. It hurted me but I just danced till I was tired but I couldn't forget what I saw. One month later he came saying he was sorry, that he wanted me back cause he missed me and all. I said that I just wanted to be friends. He was not okay with that and told me he was fighting for me, so we could be together again. Guess what? He gave up after 2 weeks of "fighting".
Now, 6 months passed and he says he wants to talk. What should I do? Listen to him and try to be friends one more time? Or just ignore him? I don't know, help please.


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