How do I get over a guy? Advice?

we have been talking for like 2 months, weve been going on dates, i don't know why he suddenly stopped talking to me,. Anyways, he's ignoring me. how do i get over a guy? i really liked him... Advice?


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  • Try to avoid all contact with him. It'll take time for you to get over him, but you'll get there eventually. :) And just try to go out with your other friends to get your mind off him.


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  • Hey girlie... I'm going through the SAME thing right now.. only difference is hr ASKED me to be his girlfriend but broke up with me 2 weeks later lol girl, just let him be. Don't contact him. I know you want closure but closure never does any gold. U only feel better for a day or 2. You have to move on urself.


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