Read this private/personal letter and tell me, what do you infer just given the contents in it?

No back-story will be given here other then this is obviously a post break up letter, and sent via FB. Evaluate this letter as if u were the recipient or the one who wrote it, u choose. Just evaluate it genuinely. I want to give the best advice I can to my friend who has asked advice and I need ur help. Here is what was written:

"im so sorry to disrupt u in pretending like I have never existed for a sec but i have had this re-occurring thought that i just need to let out. i dont think it is very fair for u to be able to just skate off into the darkness like a complete creep without me making sure that u know a few things. first of all that was maybe one of the strangest moves i have ever seen anyone pull. How the hell do two people who grew pretty close to each other and who have had a lot of great times together given such a short period, go from spending the good majority of their free time together/talking every day, to literally pretending nothing ever happened in an instant? If that is not strange to u at least on some level, then I literally do not have any idea whatsoever who u are.

Ill never expect to understand your behavior in the end of this. But there was one thing that I did expect and in my opinion deserve. And that was just maybe a level or two more of respect that u would give to the guy that u fucked from a bar last night. How can u just blow me off like that and disregard my existence in the blink of an eye? That seems kind of odd and I did not do anything to deserve that. I honestly never thought that u could display such low behavior and I'm really taken back that u would not have at least a little more human decency for me. I did a lot for you. I was good to you. I never once disrespected you. Not once. Ever. Not one single time. I was loyal to u, I appreciated u, I never even had anything bad to even say about u. And at the base of all this I considered u a good friend.
(The last bit is continued below)
You discarded me like I was garbage. Not even a word. Not even so much as the most basic human standard and didn't even so much as bother to say thank-you for the stuff I bought u on X-mas." That is the end and there's a little more but not enough to fit but that should be enough for an evaluation I believe. And for the record, the X-mas gifts were given before it was very clear the couple was broken up, and were never acknowledged.. What thoughts come to mind when reading this?


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  • I would say that the person is mad and hurt. The letter is saying how the person they are talking to just abandoned them, the person who wrote it cared about that person. It sounds like the person they are referring to cheated on them. But maybe they weren't even dating. If they were the person who have thought they were very close, and or were dating. The person could also have psychological issues. If they have never even met, or had any type of relationship, they may need help.

    • These two were dating for about 7 months and for that relatively short period were pretty heavily involved I'd say. Does it sound to u that we have someone who has been wrongfully treated or do we have someone who may be over reacting?

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    • Im sorry u completely misunderstood. the writer of the letter was conveying that they feel as though they were given the same respect as someone that u had a one night stand with or something similar where u pay that person little to no respect and just blow them off as if they were nothing significant. Hope that clears it up a bit.

    • Yes it does, sorry I tend to get words jumbled around abit. Yes it sounds as though he is very hurt, and at least in his way mistreated. I feel as though I would feel the same, if you are very close to someone but then they kind of just leave you there I would feel abandoned and mistreated.

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  • I honestly think this would be best if you did not up braid things that you've given for him... I do believe that you shouldn't up braid material and things but rather some specific scenarios that you've kept him in a potential trouble or upbraid him like... "when I was in trouble and I'm hard headed and stopping me to do somethings that might put me in harm, I listened to you... but by this time that you're the one who is in need of help and you didn't even listened? you're unfair as if you were the person who is always right and me not being a friend but a subject to you!"


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