Why do guys leave their stuff when they initiate break up?

We lived together for over 2 years. He broke up with me New years eve and only took over night bag (2 hoodies 2 pants) . Everything else is here! He keeps pushing back pick up day. He told me reason is im better off without him. That he doesn't love me but really cares. He lost his job and has no money but recently started back to school. I told him i would even leave so it's easier for him to get stuff. He said no Thats ok. He did this b4 but never said he didn't love me and after months we got back together. I don't understand what he is doing. If it's done like he said then why won't he get his things?


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  • I did it like my gf we broke up and she hold the stuff.. My stuff.. It was also my fault of being love withe her...


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  • He's hoping his life will change & he deserves you again = less baggage to move back in
    so anything he says contrary to this is BS and designed to allow YOU to leave him w/o guilt, as it's best for you NOT to be with "a loser" = what he is in his own mind right now

    oh, yes... may I add... DUH

    • That's what i believed. He's being so cold. I even gave him option to live separate if it is about money and he won't let me help but stay together. He still said no. You may add DUH lol.

    • I'm afraid yours is not to question why... or what, when, how, etc. = Yours is not to help solve the puzzle in his brain.
      Yours is to simply play along, state your true emotions for him, hope he's not a dead beat in the long run & keep the home fires burning.
      That said, you can still have fun with others.. however dim that possibility might be.
      Happy people are an asset (to him) and breeds success (that he hopes for)

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