I feel bad for him now. What should I do?

Recently i saw on my news feed that my ex-crush's gf got tgt with one of his close buddy after my crush had tried so hard to get into relationship with this girl. This girl is one of my friend and i have to admit that she is really a nice person. I couldn't even hate her when i found out that my ex-crush like her. *sighs* When i saw the pics of her and her bf, i have the thought that how hard was it be for my ex-crush to face this. I totally feel sad for him. I want to comfort him but i'm afraid that he would think that i still like him. Me and my ex-crush are now friends we sometimes even chatted in fb. Am i really out of my mind to have this thought of feeling sad for my ex-crush?


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  • No, you are normal and well within healthy bounds of emotional reaction.


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