How can I move on from this heartbreak?

I had a friend for months that I had a huge crush on. He said he didn't know how he felt about me, but sent mixed messages. I hadn't had sex in years and suggested we have sex, he warned me he got distant after sex. After he agreed to have sex again and see where it led, he also said we'd still be friends (at least). The next day he made plans to see me the day after. He canceled last minute never rescheduled, a week later I ask him to hang out and he ignores me. A week after that I sent him a text asking to talk, saying I needed closure, that we were friends and I just needed to know what went wrong so I could stop thinking about it and move on. I tried to not contact him, but I was obsessing over it wondering why he didn't like me. He said my message was loaded, he refused to see me saying he couldn't give me closure and finally saying that he was sorry but didn't want to sit through that conversation. I told him that I didn't want to talk to him for more than a few minutes and didn't want to think about it (him) anymore. He didn't reply. My self esteem is wrecked, I don't know how to deal and because we were friends too which is why it was important for me to get closure. I'm wondering why I'm so horrible that nobody wants to date me. I'd expect this from someone else, but we were friends and he seemed to accept me for who I am.


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  • Delete this idiot from your thought processes. You're better than this!!!


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