Just wanted to know how you guys cope with a break up?

basically i split up from my bf, because his actions didn't reflect the words he was saying. Unfortunately there were constant promises.. I think he was telling me things which i wanna here rather than truth.

when i told him that he was wrong etc he just pretended its all my fault and didn't want to fix the relationship. said i can go and find someone else and he planned his life already and better to leave it how it is..

so i was just wondering even if you been hurt etc do you still think about your ex? do you move on easily? do you maybe think of attempting contact her at some point?


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  • It depend on the girl if she was good and we broke for normal reasons it will be little hard to move on like 6 weeks

    If we broke for bad reason like she was flirting or she is lier it will take some time like 1-2 hour to realize she dont worth that thinking and time to waste on her

    • well i broke up with him because of his constant promises.. he wasn't a man of the word. he also treated me like an option and thought it was a relationship. in general we were happy together... he said he loves me. we never argued. i just tried to explain him that am not happy: am sick of promises and not being honest with me, but he told me to leave it he has everything planned and to go and find someone else,, i left!

    • He treated u like an option = he will look for other options

      But maybe if u was good for him with time he will realize he lost u but nothing gonna change

    • well i felt like he was... he said i was his girlfriend. just promises and stuff like pushing me away without him realizing it. for him those actions were normal: making me wait, change plans on me, cancel on me. . i tried to explain this to him.. but ohh well he thought its trivial.

      we were happy, went away holidays, xmax together.. hope he realizes!

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  • Look for the next opportunity, not as a rebound but a chance to explore more as much as u can before settling

    • so you never thinking of getting in touch with ex?

    • Nope, especially ex's
      I don't believe in 2nd chances.. If we broke up, we broke up for a reason.. And it's usually a legit reason.. It's bound to repeat

  • Not well. Our guy friends don't like listening to our sob stories over break-ups. From time to time, I still think about my ex from 7 years ago. Haven't felt love like that ever since.

    • so you think even if he said to me words he didn't mean is because he might be hurt and... maybe now even misses me and all the nice things we did together?

  • I cry into a tube of Ben and Jerry's and eat ice cream coated in saltiness.

  • I was gonna say "eat ice cream and cry" but someone beat me to it. 😋

    • hahaha really?

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    • Hasn't happened to me yet, can't say. Nothing good.

    • ahhahaha well no comment

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