How to make a guy see the light?

My bf broke up with me New years. Been together 2 1/2 years. This is twice now he broke up with me because of his financial issues. First time we got back together after 6 months. This time he told me he doesn't love me just cares a lot (which i think is Bs ). I believe he said that to help push me away. He lost his job due to down sizing and just recently started school for electrical. I keep telling him things will turn around for him. If he can't live here cause he doesn't want to be financial burden or sinking me (his words) then we live apart. He keeps saying it won't change for long time. Im better off without him. How do i make him realize he's wrong to break up because of money. It's never been about money to me at all. If financially we can't be living together ok but why break up? I still think there's love there. You don't take your gf on surprise vaca to Mexico and then 4 months later dump her. Pls help I've tried to reason with him.


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  • All you can do is tell him that is not the money. Let him know that the pain of not being with and supporting him hurts way more then financial hardship. But you are going to have to let him go and do what he feels is right. It's his pride. Not being able to be the man he needs to be for you is killing him. It hurts him to see you everyday knowing he can't be what he needs to. Let him go. Send him text each day simply saying, "I love you" and leave it at that. In time he will understand and when he gets back on his feet in sure he'll return.

    • I have told him that in beginning. I haven't since. He knows my feelings. I get his but don't understand cause i asked him If we were in opposite spots would u want me to leave. He said no. Just in shake. Appreciate your answer. Guess I'll see what happens Fri when he finally comes to get his stuff. Been since 1st and he keeps cancelling

    • He can't face you. It really is hurting him. That and he doesn't want you trying to convince him. He doesn't want to see your pain and tears. He knows he's not making a good decision.

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  • Might be time to let him go.

    • I am. Giving him his space. I haven't contacted him in 3 weeks other than asking when he is getting his stuff. He keeps prolonging that and i mean he left with 2 pants and 2 shirts. Left everything else.

  • You have to be willing to lose $300. This is what you do. Take $300 out of the bank. Twenty-five $5 bills, five $20 bills, one $100 arrange them in this order smallest in top, largest on bottom. Invite him to talk to you at a park, preferably where they have tables and benches. Tell him you aren't sure how to explain that money doesn't mean anything to you, nor does him being a financial burden on you, then take out the bills and place a lighter next to them. Pick up a five and set on fire. Repeat process, while telling him, that without him in your life this money is meaningless. You'll find out how he really feels, he'll either tell you he sincerely doesn't want to be with you or he will snap out of it. Hopefully he does it before you burn through all of the fives.

    • Good idea but i can't go that far. Lol i am a single mom of 2 kids under age of 7 with no support from father. He's pretty stubborn... Mayb 100 but lawyer fees cost a lot when your going after a dead beat dad for 4 years and counting

  • Step one: bring the guy out of the house
    Step two: show him the sun

    there you go you just make him see the light.


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