We broke up 2 weeks ago, why is he still texting?

My ex and I had a lot of ups and downs in our relationship. Both of us really cared for each other though and although weren't labeled as a 'couple' were monogamous. We ended things about 2 weeks ago and he sent me a text message 2 days ago that simply said PS, i'm seeing someone just in case you see something out there.
Meaning if I see something on social media or whatever. Why would he do that? We're not together anymore and I'm moving on with my life and I expect the same from him, especially since he was the one that initiated the break up. But he feels the need to contact me once every like 3 days for no reason. It just causes me more pain to hear something like that to be honest.
I should also add, that he did this at 12:30 am on Saturday when he knew I was out drinking with friends. I'm not dramatic so he just got a short "Alright" as a response...


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  • Perhaps he doesn't know exactly how you're dealing with this break up and keeps contacting you see if it's okay or something. Or he fears that you still have feelings... he must have his reasons.


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  • Just because two people Break up, doesn't mean they can't and and don't Make up or Even Contact One another after the fatal fact here, dear. And with an "EX" who Obviously Still has a soft spot in his heart, marking his X in your own, he usually has motive in mind for pushing a bewildering button on his tail end At-------12:30 am on Saturday when he knew I was out drinking with friends.
    I am not so convinced that he is actually 'Seeing someone' right now. I have played this mind game myself so this is the reason of the season for me telling you this. I think he may have had a few drinks under his own belt when he blubbered and blurted it out and just decided to try and get your Goat and maybe Hope you Would Push a little Button on your own end, which perhaps he thought would consist of More in Store than "Alright..." I like it, you did fine like wine with That.
    Unless you have more proof in this possible, maybe Not possible pudding that was lite and semi sweet, he probably just wanted to let you know he is not sitting around waiting for you, that he is this busy boy now and he is not letting this break up get to him...
    However, if he was with this 'someone,' why would he not be 'Busy' with her, instead of pushing buttons, thinking of you at 12:30 at nite?
    Good luck. xx

    • I am wondering this same thing with a situation that I am in as well.

    • I think it is just Him Missing the Kissing and trying to see if you will Kiss Butt again, sweetie.. xx

    • I doubt he has someone this fast, aniceguylost.. if he wasn't cheating and he is calling, probably bawling, he is trying to se4e how she would reply to his---Cry. lol:)) xx

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  • He doesn't want you to let the new girl know he was seeing you both at the same time til he ended with you for her.


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