How do I turn a Man Down Gently?

This man in his 40's likes me very much. I like him too, but our age difference is going to hinder our relationship. I like him for who is, not his money. I dated him because he was lonely, I could hear the loneliness in his voice and I saw it in his eyes. So I gave in, no one should be left out. But, how should I tell him how I really feel?


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  • You just tell him. Yes, he will be disappointed, but that's his problem, not yours. You are not responsible for his feelings or anyone else's. Just tell him clearly and firmly "Sorry, but I want to date guys closer to my own age." That should be good enough. If he continues to contact you after that, ignore him. It may seem rude but it's not. He's an adult and should be able to understand "no".

    • I took your advice and it worked

    • Great. In the future, don't date guys because they are lonely. You can be friendly, but only date guys because YOU want to date them.

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