What to make of recent text interactions with my ex girlfriend after she advised me that she has a new boyfriend with is older man?

Recently I have gotten back into contact with my ex girlfriend (who I still want back) I have done this just to maintain a civil relationship with her. However, when she texts me I have not been getting back to her right away, as I didn't want to seem like I was waiting for her texts. When I told her about some of the interesting things that I have been up to since the breakup, I began to ask about her upcoming birthday when she dropped the bomb that she has a new boyfriend who is an older man.

I was very upset as I still love her and want to be back together with her, but I still told her that I was happy for her and all i ever want was for her to be happy. She replied thank you and asked if I was in a relationship. I was in no mood to talk though and it was late at night so I went to sleep.

I awoke to 2 texts from her the next morning, of "?" and "Why dont you like to answer me anymore?" After I told her I was busy with a lot of projects going on, and so forth to go out on the dating scene. And then she wanted more information on the projects I was doing. She seemed to be a little upset that I was doing things with my life, and doing a lot of sudden impulsive exciting things. Especially about the book that I was finishing up, asking if she was a character in the book. When I let her know that there was a character similar to her but I had to remove her because of the editors suggestion to remove her or make her completely unlikeable to the reader. She responded with "Haha. Well OK"

When I wished her happy birthday the next day I got a simple Thank You. We have not had contact since.

I really don't know what to make of the situation, while I think she was trying to be nice. I feel like she has anger towards me, when I was the one that was dumped and she has apparently "moved on" it seems. I am trying to keep a civil relationship with her at the very minimum.


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  • I guess I wonder why are you still keeping in contact with her? I mean I get that you still care for her but if she has moved on then you're just hurting yourself in the end. I don't know if she is "trying to be nice" as you stated... maybe she is wanting to have her cake and eat it too. You know her better than us though


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  • she sounds like a slut
    answermi ne


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