Can I contact my ex girlfriend?

So its been 5 months since she broke up with me. Her reason was that she needed to find herself and said it was nothing I did. I couldn't let her go and kept trying to convince her to change her mind for a month but it only pushed her away until we stopped talking for 3 months. She broke the silance 3 weeks ago with a text asking how I was doing. We chatted for a bit about what we've been up to but that is it. In the 3 months that we were not talking I tried to date other people but it never felt the same and my thoughts always went back to her. I want to tell her that my heart (which she stole riding shotgun in my car with her feet out my window) still belongs to her. Maybe if she heard that she'll open up about how she feels about me. However I'm afraid that if I tell her she will shut the door for another 3 months or will never open it again. What do I do?


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  • You shouldn't have to convince someone to be with you. She doesn't want to be, so accept that and value yourself enough to be available to someone who does want to be wih you.


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  • You instinct that tell you to stay away is right. If you really loved her you need to give yourself more to heal. Took me a year once upon a time.


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  • go tell her...
    go say whatever you want to...
    in worse case... she would leave u... but is she with you? no..
    don't have any regret later... what if i had said this, what if i had waited more...
    follow your heart... and leave on her...
    if she love you... she will understand... other wise you will understand...

  • Honestly, I'd say tell her, fight for her, but then if she refuses tell her that if she changes her mind to tell you. Then do NOT contact her. It gives her the chance to miss you & truly decide if she still wants you


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