Part 2 : Is he over me? How can I get him back?

(Read part 1) Hoping hell regret what he said like he usually does, he doesn't. instead he just says okay i loved u the most just know that. Three weeks have passed and the emptiness in me keeps growing. I have no one to talk to every day no one to share with no one to hug and kiss and laugh with. Its hurting me so much and the thought of it is killing me. I remember one time we had stopped talkig for a month but he came back saying it hurt not talking to me. This time though he was the one to let go and he seemed firm about his decision. A week after we stopped talking i found out he was going out with a girl he dumped for me again. He also changed his status (he never does) to until forever ends. We still haven't talked and he still hides at work when he sees my friends walk in. My friends tell me he's happy going out flirting doing fine, many co workers were already flirting with him and touching him at work. How can he be over me so easily when a week ago we were inlove more than ever. This Saturday well both be attending the same event and i really dont know what to do when i see him. Its been three weeks only. What if he was with a girl? (Most probably) What if he hates me and that explains the hiding? What do i do i want him back but what if he really got over me.


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  • He doesn't hate you. He's not over you. He has simply run out of ways to cope with your craziness.

    "mostly bec i had trust issues and got paranoid over stupid stuff. But hed always appologize and fix things even though i was the one who always exaggerated and went mad."

    Show him you are committed to dealing with your trust issues by seeking counseling. . . at least read a self-help book (you need to do this whether or not you get him back). . . and hope for the best.


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  • A week ago, he wasn't, you were. Why do you care so much about somebody who clearly doesn't care about you. Get over him sharpish

    • What made you conclude he doesn't care?

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    • Thank you this really helped me a lot even though is contradicting the answer above so im a bit confused. Both however sound so convinving

    • Thank you this really helped me a lot even though is contradicting the answer above so I'm a bit confused. Both however sound so convincing

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  • guys can be really pathetic sometime

    • Yeah i mean why breakup if he loves me id forgive him for everything because i love him i wouldn't giveup easily

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