Broke up with me on our anny, what do I do?

My girlfriend broke up with me on our one year anniversary. Everything was going great, we had a year ahead of us, not the best pass but we were getting over our differences and looking towards the long run. The morning of our anniversary, I was in school, and she had texted me, "Forget about today, I'm done with you. Go find another Queen." I asked her why she was breaking up with me and turns out, it was a rumor spreader by her. Friend who knows someone at the school I attend. To make matters worse, she deleted all our pictures from social media, and off her phone and anything that reminded her of me. I cried for so long that my eyes turned so red that my friend's thought I was on something. I looked lost and only wanted for her to text me back.. What should I do? I need serious advice.


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  • ... we were getting over our differences... Apparently she Still had this sour ball in her mouth over This, and with 'Our one year anniversary,' she found this real Convenient to cut the ties that you thought you bind you both For------The long run.
    Rumor or not, this was her lame duck excuse to Not go on any further in this relationship. I don't know how true this 'Rumor spreader by her' with this 'Friend' really was, but what I am seeing being as wise as I am, is an Out that she grabbed on to for an "Excuse" to spread her wings and fly South... it's now dead in the water.
    As much as you are crying and mourning over this, how unfair this was to you, you need to begin to lick your war wounds and think of yourself now. You can never trust her again, even if she should decide to come back tomorrow with her tail between her legs. If this relationship was going down a beaten path to begin with, then she never cared enough about you to help you build a new road again and even went so far as to disrespect you On-----The morning of our anniversary.
    Good luck. xx

  • wow. on your anniv day? she probably hates you so much


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