Why did my ex say I can message him if I want?

Basically we dated for 3 months, then eventually I asked for us to start progressing & that he could let me know what he wants. He then just never got back to me, so a week later I text him & asked for my stuff back. He kinda jerked me around with it so I had it out with him. He then accused me of breaking it up with him, before finally admitting he didn't know what he wants... which I read as he doesn't want me.
So today I see him for my stuff & it wasn't malicious or anything, kinda a nice way to end things. But as he leaves he says "you can message me if you want".

Why would he say that? He doesn't want me so why would he want me to message him?

Before you say, yes I still care, but no I wouldn't go crawling back, I'm moving on. I'd only consider it if he showed me he wanted me!


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  • because he still wasn't sure what he wanted. He didn't want to lose you completely.

    • So friends with benefits or he actually wants me in his life? He's a lovely guy but I need space before I'd be okay with friends, but NEVER friends with benefits

    • No not necessarily friends with benefits , but its always possible thats what he was suggesting. I think its just simply that he doesn't want you out of his life completely. And yes your right to not be his friends with benefits , never a good idea to do that with an x, I did that once and it ended up being terrible cos I wanted more than just sex and she didn't, it hurt, ill never make that mistake again.

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  • He not only has been 'Kinda jerked me around with It...' but Now, on top of it all, with the writing on the wall, he is sending you another Message With-----You can message me if you want...
    This is telling me that he still wants to hook up and just cook up a little in between the sheets fun in the sun without Hooking himself to your caboose in a Serious relationship Now or in the near future.
    Good for you, Np 'Crawling back.' Don't fall for it, hook, line and sinker. I can read between the lines and it's Now a Friends with benefits that he is looking for, nothing More in Store-----Finally admitting he didn't know what he wants.
    You will just end up getting more burned. Tell him "No, thanks, I Know what I want and That isn't it, not even if the sky would fall tomorrow."
    Good luck. xx


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