I don't get how he could do this? Really would appreciate some advice / help on this break up?

My now-ex-boyfriend & I were together for some time. We were amazing together, got through so many things together, told each other things wed never shared with anyone else, helped each other become better people, etc.

He went away for Uni for 7wks- his course went for 5wks & his friend was travelling for 2wks after. He decided not to travel after as he didn't want to be away from me for that long. I didn't want to hold him back & said he should go. He told me how lucky he is to have me & that Im perfect, amazing & humble.

I was worried about him going away/doing long distance as I hadn't done that before & 7 weeks was a long time apart. He made it very clear to me that when he was gone he would try his hardest every day to let me know he still loves me while he's over there. He said hed make time to talk to me almost everyday & we could video call so I didn't have to worry about not seeing him.

When he left he didn't make effort at all. Never started a conversation, took ages to reply & seemed very uninterested. His reason was he has hardly time to talk. He told me he felt too young to be in a relationship but we stayed together as he said he did not want to lose me. I was going through some difficult things (suicidal feelings) & naturally wanted to talk to my bf about things to help me feel better.

At first he really cared about me but then he suddenly stopped caring. didn't say anything to me for days. I texted him saying WHEN he has a sec & internet could he please message me cause i need some help with something. He then inboxed my MUM (who he talked to 2wks before about my suicidal feelings) saying he can't help me anymore & couldnt handle me. He never responded to my message. 3 days after i asked him if were going to talk & try fix things when he's back in 1wk or if he's just done with me now, & he blocked me. He didn't even end things, he just blocked me.

Im having a hard time dealing with this/being cut-off and would appreciate some advice. Thanks so
Thanks so much* xx


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  • I understand what your going through I went through the same thing about a couple months ago. My ex had broken up with me out of the blue and I was heartbroken for days. I understand you are having a hard time trying to deal with it. Trust me I did too, but after a while I just had to move on somehow. Maybe he's just lost feelings for you, or he doesn't know what he wants who knows. I wouldn't try to fix things with him it'll just get your hopes up for no reason and you will be hurt. Try to distract yourself, hang out with your closest friends, etc. My ex was the same way, he made me feel on top of the world and bribed me with sweet words without ever showing actions of course. And then suddenly out of the blue he just changed and never noticed me anymore. Yes it hurt but I got through it with time and just letting him go. I realized if I stayed with him I would just be hurting myself more and more. Cut off all contact with him, if you have his number delete it asap. Try to act like he doesn't exist, if you ever see him or run into him or something. My ex and I go to HS together and I just act like I don't see him and it works for me. Try to give him some space and let him be. And give it time as well, do not chase him or anything because that'll just push him away farther. Let him be and just focus on yourself. After my ex broke up with me I thought i would never make it, but I did and I'm so happy I did. You can do it too, just keep your head up.


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  • Baby slow down.
    All is not lost.
    It never, ever is.
    Surround yourself with friends and family
    go buy some nice clothes
    give him some space
    He might be back
    and he might not
    so what if that happens, he was never yours anyway
    People will love you
    I love you
    so do others here
    just ask them


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