He hasn't spoken to me in a week, but hasn't told anyone we have broken up? Can it be fixed?

My boyfriend (ex?) got into a fight two weeks ago, I was angry he never bothered to put in effort with me, he ignores my text constantly, mind you I'm not clingy either I only send stuff I need too, I said it wasn't acceptable and he completely ignored me. After having a bad week with lots of stress (uncle dying from cancer, work related issues etc) I got fed up with it and said fine if you don't respond we over done, still ignored. So I left him alone for a bit no texting nothing. I saw him in person once and I said are we done and he says 'we will talk later'. So accepting this I once again left him alone for a few days, no messages from him so I send another text asking for a time that is convenient to collect my possessions, ignored again.

I then texted a sorry and I wanted to work things out no reply. Finally I told him I was coming around to either talk about things or to get my belongings (400 dollar pair of reading glasses and a lot of DVDs) he was home I knocked but he refused to open the door.

So I left again and messaged his mum asking if she could help me try and get my things if he doesn't want to be with me anymore , since we are friendly it wasn't weird. Anyway she told me he hasn't spoken to her at all about what's being happening, she then said he was just telling her how much he was happy being with me and that he hasn't been leaving the house at all. She told me she had no idea what is going in his head at the moment but the rudeness he has been showing is unacceptable.

Prior to the fight we had a holiday booked together we were both excited for, various other things planned, he had all future stuff planned for us and everything else seemed fine.

Admittedly when ever we have a fight he tends to go silent until I send a heartfelt apology or he will just completely change the topic. However this is the longest it's gone

Any thoughts?


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  • Nothing you can do. You gotta wait him out to get your stuff back, but don't wait around for him.


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  • He sounds like a Grudge Bearer, sweetie, and with your problems that are More than the cross you are even Bearing, he doesn't deserve a girl like you, with Not even a Text to say "I'm sorry for your loss, baby." That right there would tell me he is not only a hard nose, but has no sympathy for your own stress or Distress and is Not your life support that you may need in Your-------Future stuff planned for us and everything seemed fine... yes, until something like this pops up with a War of the Roses, then he bails out, silence is not so golden and doesn't want to talk it Out with putting you on his pay no mind list.
    Do some serious soul searching with someone whom you can't lean on when the chips are down. I don't believe he broke up with you, I am just seeing the sure signs of a twit who is having his own personal hissy Fit and wants you to pay his piper so you can follow him the 'Future' and see that he is in the Lead down this beaten path, which is where I think you are heading.
    I still have a husband out in Egypt who I used to fight with all the time with, once coming back here to the states. Long story short, he would stay MAD at me, Pout with his Snout, sometimes a month or more, and then slowly come back with a "Hi" or just out of the boyish pattern Blue----Reply to me when he was over himself.
    I believe that if it was Over, mum would have been informed, your stuff ready and waiting for you. He is just trying to not only prove his point in this Point in time But with Me-----What is going through his head is not only rudeness but real inconsideration and childish antics.
    I'm so sorry for the strife in your life but with someone who doesn't seem to be there with his own care when life has thrown you a curve ball, this is no excuse, no matter if you Are battling, to put his feelings aside and step up to the plate as A------Supposed soul mate.
    Good luck and blessings for 2015. xx

    • Thankyou! All great answers but this seemed to ring true, I don't get what he hopes to achieve by his huge hissy fit I was willing to walk away and he wouldn't cooperate. I was willing to try and talk nothing, I need to know wether I should start trying to get my money back for the holiday. He's just being a baby the way he's going about things and I'm honestly sick of it. No emotionally mature man dishes the silent treatment when his partner gets upset at him. Like I would like to work things out because I do love him but the rudeness he's showing is unacceptable and he needs to realise he achieves nothing by sitting in his bed pouting

    • Yes, and it would be surely His loss if you decided to move on with this and as the old saying goes: "You snooze, you lose.." You are so welcome. xx

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  • I'd say to give him a month of no contact, don't try to get your stuff, don't try to arrange stuff with his mum & don't try to "win" him back. If he wants to he will come to you, otherwise leave him be - that way he has space to decide, you can start moving on (I know that's hard when he won't say it's over but decide within yourself it's over for you). If he wants you, he knows where to find you

  • Have his mom get your glasses & personal items, dvd's can be replaced not worth fighting over. Do not contact him again.


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