Are me and this guy meant to be?

One of my cousin's best friends & I were messing around for a few months & still in the talking phase, the other day we got into an argument because he calls me nigga, or son over the phone and I told him I don't like it & he said he didn't care how I feel so I just went off on him. I was there for him even tho he talked to me any which way and I cared about him even tho he didn't show me that he cared about me. He said I'm too crazy and I told him it's not being crazy I'm just hurt and have a lot of anger build up inside because he slowly started reminding me of the horrible guys from my past (liars, cheaters, emotional abuse) even tho he said he was "different" he said he won't ever get back with me because I'm too much to handle yet he had exes who used him for money in the past and took him for granted but he still associates with them. He did tell me we can be friends, but I don't want that and he said for me not to worry about him talking to someone new because all he's going to focus on is working and doing him. He even said he feels "hurt" that things went bad between us because supposedly he did care about me but I don't know what to believe anymore.


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  • I must say, on this one you gotta do what your gut says.
    For THIS to work you both has to contribute.
    And here you can only know what you gotta do.


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