Why would my ex hate me. Yet accept a friend request ( under liquor influence ) I sent to him?

He accept the friend req and sends me a message asking why was I "facebooking" him I didn't know what to say. I know you're going to be negative about it. But a help with a good response to him will help


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  • What makes you think that he hates you? Hate is a pretty strong thing and it's very unlikely that he does hate you. Do you want to be in touch with him? Do you want to get back with him, or just be friends?

    • Cus he had a bad temper and was almost always angry at me, I do hold love for him and just wished he would be my "hello friend " from time to time "! I guess I don't want him completely out of my life, I was just wondering why would he accept my req and ask
      Why. When he could of just deny it and sent me the question? That would of made more sense

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