Was it more about me or the parents?

My ex and I are almost 17. I was his first gf. We had known each other for about a year and dated for four months when he suddenly dumped me.

It came as a shock because he was always just as chivalrous, gentlemanly, sweet and attentive to me as he had always been once we started dating. Even up to MINUTES before the breakup, he was always asking me questions about my life throughout the day (either in-person or via text) and paid attention, even when I thought what I was talking about might be boring.

About a week before the breakup, I was recovering from surgery, and the only tiny red flags I noticed were that he was a little less physically affectionate (but that may have been because parents were around and he didn't like to PDA around them) and he spent a little less time with me than usual. I shook that off because he was helping his parents.

I had always noticed red flags regarding his parents. They controlled his life. He had always had to end our dates early because they set strict curfews, even asking me to leave his house early at night. His parents were cold to me once they found out we were a couple. They never let us be completely alone together. Sex was never involved since they clearly wanted him abstinent (I was probably more forthcoming physically than he was!). They wouldn't help him pay for anything. And he LOVED his parents and talked about them a lot (much more than the average teen guy!).

When he dumped me he said he wasn't ready for a relationship but we could still be friends. I said I couldn't trust him anymore and we haven't contacted each other since. He couldn't seem to face me at school and didn't come to my help (but I didn't ask him to). Then he treated me like a polite stranger. Now we just plain avoid each other. He hasn't had another gf.

Did he suddenly lose interest in me? Or is this more about his parents not wanting him to date?
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Did the parents make him call it off?
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Also thought I should add he's a major conflict avoider and extremely passive
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Maybe he just texted me all that to be polite since I was recovering from surgery? But we had always texted each other all day since we became romantically involved, and we discussed SO MANY TOPICS beyond my recovery...
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Anyone else out there?
Was it more about me or the parents?
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