Would you break up with a woman who was mean to your friends?

I broke up with my girlfriend an hour ago because she said something terrible to one of my friends to the point it almost made him cry. She told him " You're ugly and no woman wants to be with you". He is shy and sensitive and it struck a nerve. Personally, no woman will disrespect my friends or come in between them. I told her it was over, don't call me, and find some respect. She packed her stuff and left. Was I right?


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  • Eh... um, I guess... did he provoke her or show disrespect to her? Because if she just retaliated to something he did then you should defend her. Did you ask her about it?

    • She's always told me he was ugly and no woman wanted him. He has never done anything to her.

    • Ok then... she's a bitch lol

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  • Diiiid you give her time to apologize? we humans tend to say things we mean to take back later.

    • I still need time to calm down before I need to talk to her.

    • yeah, dude you over reacted. he may be your friend and you stood up for him, but your action wasn't really necessary. I say this cause if a grown man feeling are hurt over what she said then somewhere along the lines he has to man up. i'd put her in her place more so than break up with her.

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  • You did the right thing.

    Eventually, she would have become mean to you too.

    And friendships are pretty irreplaceable. It's not easy to make new friends when you are an adult.


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