Guys: What do you mean by this?

My ex and I broke up already. Now he's calling me and sending me messages, we were joking around. Before our expression when we joke is "I'll kill you". Then accidentally I said those words and his response was this. "You killed me already. Still not enough?"

Was it because we ended our relationship? I hurt him? Or what? I dont know. :(
He didn't messaged me whole day yesterday. And now he messaged me, that he's drunk and he choose not to talk to me so that he won't fight with me. What happened to him? He's renewed?


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  • How did your relationship end and who ended it?

    • he did tell before that i'll lose something soon if we continue fighting. Then after that he blocked me, and I tried my best to preserve my worth so stopped talking to him. A week aftwr he blocked he started messaging me again, but i answer coldly. But he still continues. Now I am more comfortable to talk to him thats why I joke around, then he suddenly acted like this. It's crazy.

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