I want a clean break up, how to do so?

He broke up with me a year ago.. After 3 months from the breakup he returned and was so caring but after the 1st breakup I never met him. We were just texting, but then he cared less again.. he became distant abit and then talked to me again. When he stopped calling and texting, I lost my feelings. I don't love him anymore. I don't hate him either. I just don't care. I want to break up with him I want a more caring person and I gave him a second chance. I'm not intending to meet him to tell him I don't want to be his gf.. so what should I do? (Ps: we haven't met since he broke up with me)


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  • Girls are difficult creatures to understand.
    When guys pay attention a little about them, they say you dont love, u dont care about me.
    When guys pay attention very much, they say you are boring, and so strict...

    • No really but apparently I am not a priority... he kind of taking me for granted.. again!

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    • You are welcome :) But i wouldn't want my sentences to cause a breaking up :(
      I wish i didn't say haha.

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • If you haven't met since the first breakup, you're already broken up. Just delete him from your phone and social media and ignore any attempts from him to contact you.

  • Just let him down slowly.


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  • My friend calls me the break up queen because I've told her how to end all of her relationships and it all went well

    • Okay "breakup Queen" any advice :P

    • Lol I never said I was good but just try " hey I'm sorry I like you but things aren't going well there's just no spark and I think we should go separate ways in sorry bye..."

  • He contacted you after three months?

    • Sounds like too many mind games... Best suggestion would be for you to just delete all contact with him and not go along with him.

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