Should I keep this?

So long story short, my ex was cheating on me 5-6 months of our 1.3 year relationship, back when she loved and cared about me she bought me a lava lamp, my favorite color, type of lava lamp (my FAVORITE light source of all time), the trim was perfect and she even had it sized to fit my dresser perfectly. Well we very recently broke up, leaving her was very hard but should I throw the lamp away? I mean EVERYTIME I see it I think of her... The loving compassionate side of her I fell for, unfortunately that makes me miss her which I dont need in my life cause see her everyday (school) and I don't wanna ever even consider taking her back... should I keep the lamp?
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  • Maybe put the lamp away and when you can handle seeing it you can bring it back out. I wouldn't throw it out if it is that nice.

  • Wow. Sorry. that's sad :( *hugs*
    Now, at the beginning everything will remind you of her. Even when you are not thinking about that, your brain will suddenly remind you of that like a annoying pop-up ad -__-
    So If you feel better not seeing it, I advice you to change it to other place, until you are over it.


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