How do I get her to talk?

I met a woman in November 13 and we immediately hit it off. We were together until June 14 when she suddenly told me (by text) that she no longer wanted a relationship with me. I was devastated partly because she told me that it was her and not me but mainly because she wouldn't even discuss it with me. I thought I'd lost her for ever then got a text in September 14 from her out of the blue asking if I wanted to get back with her. I couldn't be happier because I still loved her so much. She explained that the problem had been with her estranged husband (whom she had left before we met) getting nasty about her impending divorce and she didn't want me to get mixed up in it.

I thought we'd be together for good but a few weeks ago she again announced, by text again, that she wasn't happy and that I should 'find someone who deserved me'. She won't answer my calls or texts and all efforts of her son to get her to talk to me have been in vain. I don't resent her but I resent the way she's treated me. I've treated her like a princess ever since we've been together and I was so happy. then to have it all so cruelly and suddenly snatched away from me has left me devastated.

I've decided that in a few days time I'm going to go to her house and get her to talk to me. I suspect it's something to do with this (soon to be ex) husband of hers and the divorce. She has been hurt in the past both physically and emotionally and I think they've both left their scars. Even if it really is all over for good, I can't close this chapter of my life unless I get some answers from her.

Can anyone give an insight as to what she may be thinking.


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  • She is just going through a phase, so dont take her "breaking up" texts literally. Be there for her and help her out cause that's what she needs AND wants. Support her, but dont mess up or say things that might make this worse. :D

    • I can't really 'be there for her' because she has just cut me off completely. I love her so much and would take her back in an instant if she wanted that. I've always treated her so well and the weekend before she sent the texts we had a weekend away that really went well including very passionate sex then two days later she does this. I just don't know what to make of it or what to do.

    • GO TO HER. Go to her door knock and make her open like trick her or something. She will MOST likely appreciate it in the future even if she says that you are not allowed to get involved or because she wants to be alone. If you stay she will love you more. This is like a test if you leave that just shows how little you care. If you stay with her and never leave her it shows how much you love her and want to be there for her. And TRUST me, she will one day thank you and instead of her dating you she probably may be your wife someday, you never know :D

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  • Your best bet is to leave her and the whole situation alone. If the ex is in the picture in any way it can not end good for you, her, or him. Let he be. Love her from afar. Send he one last text and let her know you are there waiting for her to let you in and when she does you will be there, but keep your distance DO NOT GO TO HER HOUSE, STOP CALLING. What ever she is going through or doing doesn't sound healthy and you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

  • This phase she's going through is a path that she has to walk alone. She realize this, and I'm thinking she's not gonna want you involved and share that stressful part of her life with u she's sparing u. She knows she's gonna have some good days and possibly very bad days ahead and doesn't want you to see her in her weak maybe vulnerable state. I don't think she meant to hurt u.

  • Let her go... dont go to her house... maybe send a text stating your still there for her. She'll remember. But honestly.. dont dwell on her. Find someone who really wants to be with you.. She doesn't seem like she knows what she's doing. And your getting hurt... you dont deserve to be jerked around.


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