Ex is being vicious and vindictive after breakup?

Me and my ex broke up 3 months ago. We were together for 2 years and I loved him but the relationship was toxic. I could never trust him because of things he did throughout the relationship.. anyway, he ended it 3 months ago and even though it hurt I knew it was a toxic relationship and accepted it. Just recently I find out he's talking really bad about me on Facebook posts, calling me a fake, liar, psycho, stalker, saying personal and private things about me, he's even saying I was abusive to him! All his friends are also joining him in bashing me online! Why would a grown man do this? I left him alone after the break up and he broke up with me. Why is he doing this?


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  • Because his ego is so big that the failure of the relationship wasn't in any way because of his actions. He's trying to save face in front of his buddies. I know its unjust and maddening as hell but do nothing and the faster it will fade


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