What are some good tactics to get him back?

Ok, so here it goes,

i dated my boyfriend for a little over a year. we were very in love. it came to the point where we would fight so much that it was getting unhealthy for both of us. we figured some space apart would be benefit us, and maybe we could get back together down the road. also, he is a very jealous person and would always get a little antsy if another male would talk to me or text me. so we broke up about a month ago, in a very mature manner. he was extremely upset, and so was i. I moved back to my home town, and he followed me there. he was very interested in what I was doing all the time and wanted me to show him around the town. I did, because I care about him still. about 2 weeks ago he met a girl at a bar and since then he has seemed to totally fall head over heels with her. he did not tell me this and led me on to believe nothing was going on. because we were still intimate we made a mutual agreement to tell one another if someone new came into our lives. he failed to do this. I found out though and was quite upset. he has been texting me and emailing me and calling me saying how he misses me but he said that he also has feelings for this other girl. I have caught him in so many lies that I don't know the truth between lies anymore. I know he can be a genuine guy and I miss so much what we used to have. very very confusing! I still would love to get back together with him... I told him a few days ago that I am willing to get back into the relationship with him, and he turned me down, saying that he "doesn't want to hurt me anymore" but personally I think its because he has met this other girl...? ohhhh dear!

what should I do?

should I ignore his texts?

what are some good tactics to get him back?

we agreed to meet in a month to talk things through...

i just don't understand how he was go from being so in love with me, to jumping to another girl in a matter of days.

Thank you!
What are some good tactics to get him back?
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