How do you get over a Jerk who constantly talks about his ex gf's?

Just went and broke up with this guy who is a jerk. we had sex and I guess he wasn't good enough to go out with me or protect me when I needed him.
many reasons. he's 37 years old, rents a place, he had sex with a dozen girls, including a girl stephanie that he mentioned 3 times after he had sex with me with 2 kids, heideiko, and kim, some blond. he told me that the japanese ex was 'dirty' and he expected her to clean after he came home from school/ work. he's kind of a loser in my eyes now. he told me off for not having a car, and would pick me up (said no problem). he's a spoiled brat, adopted but has no respect for women obviously putting them down. i wish i never had sex with him and wish i never met him t o be honest. we were so called 'friends' for more than a couple of years and decided to date after having sex. i felt pressured to have it with him. i really wish he wasn't alive still and inside me so much hate resides to him. i've been sick twice when we dated, he never even visited.


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  • What's done is done. Just learn from it and move on. If you spot similar qualities of him in another guy, you now know what you're in for. Sometimes you don't realize until it is too late. You're at least still able to recover from it all.

  • Congratulations! You are now rid of this guy. Call some friends over and share some wine. The entire rest of your life starts right now!


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