I really want my ex back, help?

Me and my ex broke up about 3 months ago, it was because I lied to him about someone being related to me. After we broke up my best friend aka my cousin spoke to him explaining that I didn't really lie to him that it was her fault for bringing the lie up and saying when in reality he's just a really good family friend not a relative. He still looks at from across rooms, while im walking past him and he still has the apology letter I wrote him, he told me he still has respect for me and still stands up for me he told another friend of mine that he would have taken me back but some things can't be forgotten, I want him back but I now realise he was a nicer person when he was with me and that now and before I met him he was super flirty and slightly meaner but deep down I still like him


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  • It's been '3 months ago,' and still counting here, dear, and he hasn't made an effort to contact you, still is having his hissy fit With----Some things can't be forgotten. He sounds like a grudge bearer, which is telling me, that he won't even give you a second chance, making you Last place now.
    The best you can do is sit down and write him One more letter, maybe Better than the first 'Apology letter' you wrote. Try and get him to meet you so you can talk this whole 'Misunderstanding' over. You are still in his dog house and he isn't letting sleeping dogs lie at this point in time.
    However, with him being this 'Super flirty' guy before you got together, he may also be using this as his own lame duck excuse to get back into the swing of things and if that's the case, you won't be able to teach this little pup any new tricks.
    Good luck. xx

    • This comment made me actually see that whatever happened, happened for a good reason, like everything else in life. Thank you soo much, I dont even know how I could repay you. Thank you so much :)

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    • Thats alright :) and yes I am feeling much better thanks to you. You're the best thank you sooo much gorgeous

    • Hi, sweetie... Thank you so much for the lovely message and so very happy you Are feeling much better... you just made my night... sweet dreams.:)) xxoo

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  • Break ups can really suck!! Especially if you are blaming yourself about it. But life can just be like that, sometimes you don't get the happy ending an it doesn't work out how you were hoping. It doesn't sound like a bid deal to me and I think I could forgive something like that so maybe he is using it as an excuse to not take you back. But all you can do is let him know how you feel and let him go...


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  • Hard luck i pray u get him soon forever


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