How can I forget my bf?

my ex bf broke up with me 20 days ago he asked me to be friends n he text me everyday but today i told him that i miss the days when we were bf n gf n he told me that he didn't want to talk about us anymore but i still have strongs feelings for him what can i do to forget him i m so sad


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  • Staying occupied usually helps with it.

    Feelings are like... paper boats floating on a pond.
    If the pond is tranquil , the boat may float for days.
    If the pond surface is turbulent , the boat may only last a few minutes.

    Keep your mind full and occupied and pray that the boat will sink... eventually.


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  • I know it's hard but you really shouldn't remain in touch with him. He's taking the easy way by dumping you but saying he wants to remain friends and then texting you every day to keep you in his life on his own terms. This isn't fair on you. You cannot move on if he remains in your life and keeps contacting you. Like I said, it's convenient for him - but fatal for you. You absolutely have to stop talking to him, or else you will remain in this painful limbo for a very long time.


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  • Step one: stop calling him 'my bf'
    Step two: stop counting days since you broke up
    Step three: don't keep in contact
    Step four: stop having feelings for him. Easy way is to find someone new
    Step five: don't mention him, you'll move on in no time.


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