Well I need to feel better so help?

Umm... so I recently found out my ex was cheating on me for 4-6 months out of our relationship... and she did at least 2 times every weekend, so umm could anyone possibly say anything good to cheer a poor fool up?( Please no one be douchey to me right now :/)


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  • Being as wise as I am, FistslamminElite, it is a lesson here, dear, in love and in life that you just learned: Don't wear your 'Poor fool' heart on your sleeve and be so trusting with the next one until you know more about her. She was sure this 'Douchey' to do this to an amazing guy who has a heart of gold and a soul full of sorrow for even coming on here to find out how to be be Cheered up.
    You certainly deserve better than this cheat sheet. But another little lesson in this toughie life that does bring strife is, the world is full of Her kind and someday, you will meet someone who is More Your 'Kind' and has a Kind heart and soul.
    Good luck and lick your war wounds... let This be your closure to close this chapter, turn the page and move on to bigger and brighter things in your life this year. xx


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  • To bad, I'm a natural douche. Come on, you can't expect someone to stay loyal for that long an not get bored. And I mean with anyone. To be honest, there's nothing to be sad or mad about it's just a way of life for some people. It probably wasn't because she got bored of ***you*** maybe), it was probably just that she wanted other dick. You know?

  • Sucks about what happened to you. The comment Elizabeth21 made is kind of stupid. I know so many people who have never been unfaithful to their significant other, including me. But in all honesty, this was kind of a good thing. By your statement, Im assuming she was your ex when you found this out, so it just adds to another reason why you two didn't belong together. On top of that, you're really young and have soo many other opportunities to date better girls. Don't let this one make you jaded.

    • I'm not gonna let her ruin me, I know I'm young I just, it still stings had you know? Like I actually believed her when she said she cared and now I feel stupid

    • We've all been there before, hun. Don't feel stupid. Just focus on school and on those who truly do care about you. It will get better with time.

    • That's basically what I'm trying to do, still sucks cause at school I want by her and 3 of the guys she cheated with.. all between different periods so its like getting refreshed on the topic ,

  • Trust me you're going to date a bunch more before you meet the right one. Chalk it up to experience and let it go. Don't give her the power to damage you. There's lots of nice girls out there, keep dating 👍

  • *hugs* I am really sorry that must have felt horrible when you found out :'( . That was really, truly awful of her.

    Remember that you won't hurt forever, and one day you will meet someone who loves you and only you and would never do anything to cause you pain and you will be happy together <3


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