I did something dumb?

My bf and I got into it two and a half weeks ago because I felt rejected when he didn't acknowledge me after I shared things with him about my past... Then he came at me with he didn't want expectations, he didn't want to be my "bf"... He has shared things with me and I always listened and/or acknowledged him.

After all was said and done I left the relationship in his hands because I was hurt and confused as to where to go.

It's been two and a half weeks, nothing. He never messaged me back. So this morning, after waking up from a dream where I just wanted closure...

I sent him a fb message saying that I wish he told me it was over rather than just leaving...

I feel like an idiot for messaging. :/ so weak.
He also said we are dating but just not bf/gf... Exclusive dating and that I mean a lot to him


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  • Thats messed up I am sorry to hear that. Its best you move on. Go out with friends stay busy it will help heal you instead of just sitting at home thinking about that guy all day


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  • Well, he was honest with you when he said he didn't want to be your boyfriend. Did you ask him out orginally? Sounds a bit like a scenario like you liked him a lot more than he did or else he'd put in a lot more effort right now. You liked him hence sharing your past, leaving it in his hands, messaging him today, stating that you'd wish he'd told you, etc. I'm sorry your match didn't work out. Leave it now. Move on. Don't reminsce over this situation unless you want to figure out a different way of approaching guys. I personally feel it's best not to date and meet someone who wants marriage only. You don't need to date to be a good wife/husband. You just bring in a lot of baggage when you date...

    • He talked about moving away with me when I transferred schools. We decided to be exclusive together. The bf/gf thing was discussed and we both agreed we were with titles. He came over the week before we stopped talking, to meet my mother.

      It just really hurts to be with someone for 6months to find out they dont feel the same.

    • He doesn't know what he wants. Liked you for the 6 months but as you're moving away, he maybe can't move or doesn't want to. Ignore it. Ignore him. If it took you 6 months to reveal a deep part of yourself and then he wasn't interested - he was 'casually dating' you and never serious from the get go.

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  • Fuck him... Move on. You did nothing wrong, he's acting dumb.


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