What is my ex real feelings here?

My ex boyfriend said that he loved me a lot... more than I could imagine or dreamed of. And he broke up with me because he wants me to have a good career and life. He says that he would have given up his life rather than seeing himself screwing mine. And he agreed that he had some hookups after the breakup which in turn made him more miserable. He also said that he said the all the nasty stuff so that I can move on by hating him.
He also asked me to move on in life and achieve success.
Please, people help me out here.


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  • See, all people are different. My current boyfriend and I broke up because of some misunderstandings and we were apart for almost a year but then we talked it out and we are now closer than ever before.
    He could either have actual serious feelings for you or he could just be a coward not to tell you the real reason of breaking up on your face. Whatever happens, you need to stay positive and just talk it out with him. And not over text or phone. Face to face. You need to be calm and solve it out (if you really want to be with him). I know boys can be quite confusing but you need to communicate to know his real feelings. There's no way anybody can read anyone. People can only guess or consider possibilities.
    Talking it out worked for me, hope it works for you as well. Best of luck with all of it! :)


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